Conversations with a Friendly Vegan is a philosophy and a framework that integrates the compassion inherent in veganism into our communication with other people.

Our mission is to shift the focus of vegan advocacy from conflict to connection by applying self-compassion, empathy and nonviolent communication.

Anne, a Nationally Certified Counselor, expertly addresses the emotional and psychological complexities of being vegan in a largely non-vegan world and offers a safe space for non-vegans to explore veganism with no judgment or agenda.

See how far your growing compassion can take you.

Available now:

  • Monthly Zoom Meetings – Join for free with the link on the Events page to practice how to apply the CWAFV framework.
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  • Dear Anne – Write directly to Anne to ask how to address your specific concerns.

Coming soon:

  • The Conversations with a Friendly Vegan Podcast
  • The Conversations with a Friendly Vegan YouTube Channel
  • Conversations with a Friendly Vegan Advocate Training Program

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How do you imagine a world where animals are no longer used for food, entertainment, research, gawking, cosmetics, clothing, anything at all, and either left to live their lives naturally the way they would like or, in the case of domesticated animals, cared for by human companions? The Post-Animal-Use World (PAUW) Project is a collaborative effort to access our collective wisdom to envision how the world might change if we stopped using animals and found other means to suit our needs and desires. We’d love to hear your ideas! Link to the form below and be a part of this important effort.


“From the first time I met Anne I was impressed with her caring, authenticity and knowledge. Anne brings much wisdom through her experience and heartfelt commitment. It’s great to have a place to come to with kindred spirits during our monthly Vegan Spirituality gatherings. They are a gift!”

Barbara, Zoom participant

“I met Anne at a Peace Fair about 5 years ago. We were at adjoining tables – me with Vegan Spirituality Group of Philadelphia; Anne with Conversations with a Friendly Vegan. I was immediately struck with the simplicity and wisdom of what she was offering. I’d been vegan for over a decade when I met Anne and didn’t realize how much I needed what she was offering. I’d found a community in VSG of Philadelphia for which I was incredibly grateful, but Anne was addressing specific needs for those on a vegan journey. Until I went vegan I had no idea about the pushback, and sometimes outright hostility I would experience. Anne’s program has given me tools and the opportunity to practice conversations while I continue to navigate the sometimes rocky shoals of being vegan in a largely non-vegan world. Anne is creative, smart, fun and tireless in her efforts to smooth our paths.”

Suzanne, Vegan Spirituality Group of Philadelphia

“Every meeting with Anne on how to BE a “Friendly Vegan” is a consultation with an expert on how to extend to all humans the kindness we so readily extend to all animals. This can be surprisingly hard to do because it’s easier to feel angry and defensive, and try to demonstrate how right we are. You have to check your reflexes and expectations at the door. Or not, and be treated to what across-the-board kindness looks like as Anne stays steadily engaged in your conversation without descending to adversarial behavior. It’s like simple relational magic, and it’s the balm our feverish polarization needs these days. I go back month after month to watch my hominid aggressions dissolve. Kindness, it turns out, is the world’s most effective emotional detergent.”

Dave, Zoom participant