Many wonderful and awful things that exist today started with a vision – a thought of what could be. Vegan advocates spend a lot of time thinking about and discussing the ethical, health, and environmental issues associated with the use and abuse of animals. We strive to educate through filmmaking, writing and speaking – really any method we think might work. Mostly, we share a common goal – to move more and more people to embrace veganism. It’s important and challenging work but sometimes it’s easy to fall into pessimism and lose the energy it takes to continue.

The Post-Animal-Use World (PAUW) Project is a collaborative effort of three activists, Anne Piotrowski, Suzanne McAllister and Judy Carmen, who want to fully explore the potential outcome of our hard work. Our mission is to help people use their imaginations to picture – in words, images, song, movement, and action – a world where animals are no longer used for food, entertainment, experimentation, exploitation, or gawking. We invite you to allow your imaginations to soar, the way science fiction writers predict worlds we don’t yet know. How would the earth change? How would we change? How could our relationships with ourselves, each other and other animals change? We’ve given it a lot of thought and now we’d like to know what you think.

Sharing Our Visions

Zipora’s Vision

We will not have to wonder whether the food at the restaurant is vegan, or whether the clothes or make-up we wear is cruelty-free. It will just be understood that animals are not being used anymore. Experimentation will be on a human volunteer basis for those who have certain diseases. Agriculture will be plant-based. Whatever animals are being used now for any purposes will not be bred anymore, but allowed to live out their lives in a humane way. Zoos will be turned into sanctuaries for those animals who can’t return to the wild. The world will be a more compassionate one because we will have treated all sentient beings with respect and peace. We will become stewards of the earth and see the animals as our brothers and sisters.

Ligia’s Vision

When I look from the outside, I see we all live in a global village, like a big family, humans, and non-humans, where we all peacefully share the earth, which is clean and green. She can breathe again, she is thriving, and when I take a deeper look at the inside of this heavenly village, I see that a shift occurred: the collective human consciousness finally discovered the worth of each living being and our profound union with each of them, ourselves and the earth. Let’s keep imagining! As John Lennon wisely said:

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

John Lennon

Vince’s Vision

I’ve been a vegan for the last 12 years. I grew up with Italian immigrants in my family and then became a restaurateur. Animal agriculture was built in for my first 30 years or so. I think often about how the planet would respond to your question. How would the human population eat (and get proper, even optimal nutrition)? How would wild animal populations progress without human predators? What would happen to the species of pigs, chickens, horses, cows, etc that have been genetically modified and domesticated for food? Would many go extinct? I assume this would take some more human meddling to get right, but I hope that we get to find out and unnecessary animal suffering ends. Sadly, I’m not sure I have enough faith in humanity to ever get there.

Anne’s Vision

woman with sheep

All the Concentrated Animal Feed Operations (CAFOs) will close. Animals will live in harmony with the humans who care for them. Governments around the world will assist everyone who was employed by CAFOs and other animal-use industries to transition to other forms of work, perhaps even caring for the animals in one of the many new sanctuaries. They will be free from work that required them to cause suffering and death.

Share Your Vision

We’d love to hear your idea of a post-animal-use world. Please share with us and maybe, with the power of our individual minds, we can create a collective vision of what the world could be.

About the Authors


Judy McCoy Carman, M.A.’s passion is to look everywhere for the love and the beauty that flows through and links all faiths and all beings. She is dedicated to the vision and bold belief that we human beings can heal the damage we have done to the world and create a place of true peace, nonviolence, unconditional love, compassion and liberation, not just for people, but for all earthlings and all of nature.


Suzanne McAllister, PhD, ’woke up’ to the horrors of the food industry in 2005 and over the course of that year transitioned to veganism.

Suzanne is focused on animal rights and advocacy. She is an organizing member of Vegan Spirituality Group (VSG) of Philadelphia, runs the VSG FaceBook page, and Meetup groups. She consulted with In Defense of Animals in the creation of their Sustainable Activism program. She is actively involved in efforts to retire Lolita/Tokitae, the captive orca at the Miami Seaquarium.

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Anne Piotrowski, M.A. applied her background in counseling and her passion for veganism to develop the Conversations with a Friendly Vegan approach. Anne helps vegans apply the CWAFV philosophy and tools to advance veganism through improved communication and closer relationships.