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Just Say It Already

How do you bring something up without making people feel like they have to protect you (i.e., avoid certain topics in your presence)? D, a …

Vegan in the World

Communicating with others on important topics where we disagree is challenging.  Often, we avoid hot topics but, unlike religion and politics, veganism is impossible to avoid.  Veganism touches every aspect of our lives and to push it to the realm of an off-limits topic is to hide who we are from the rest of the world.  For me personally, this felt akin to living a half-life where I am isolated and disconnected from other human beings. Luckily, communication strategies can be taught. They are simple and, while they may not come naturally, they can be learned.  In developing the Friendly Vegan approach, I draw from Counseling Psychology, the work of Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD on Nonviolent Communication and I encourage a meditation practice.  With education and practice, you can (among other things), learn to recognize your triggers, find inner and outer validation, and engage in fulfilling conversations.